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Education is a purposeful activity that is directed at transmitting knowledge or skills, usually from a trained educator to another person. In its formal setting, education takes place in training institutions structured by curriculums and is typically guided by a teacher.

In most countries, formal education is divided into stages of pre-basic, basic, and secondary or high school. In most advanced countries, formal education is free and compulsory up to a certain age.

To make sure that students have every tool they need to succeed, schools hire the best possible teachers and maintain and enforce behavioral standards. Schools also make sure the building and facilities meet teachers’, students’, and parents’ expectations.

However, parental involvement guarantees the biggest influence on student success. This is usually true when parents encourage learning and education, set realistic educational standards and goals for their children as well as participate in school and community activities.

The challenges of delivering quality education can be daunting for school administrators. However, a Parent Teacher Association can be of help. A PTA is a group of dedicated parents providing resources and programs to aid their children’s education.

Furthermore, every parent desires to see their child succeed in school and grow up to become a well-rounded individual. One of the ways of training a child to add value to society is by ensuring that they get involved in educational events and activities. Educational events and activities have many benefits.

Also, in today’s very busy society, being a parent is not easy. A good parent always tries to do everything possible to take care of their children. Good parenting is not aimed at perfection, but we can all work towards that goal.

Some tips on good parenting that you need to know to include being a role model to your children,  telling your children that you love them and showing it through your actions, providing unforgettable positive childhood, and being the main rock of emotional, physical, and material support for your children.

Good parenting is a journey and not a destination. So there are factors that you should know that will help you determine the right time for your baby to start school. Some of these factors are covered in this magazine.

This magazine covers articles about education, parenting, educational conferences and events, content about parents who need support to care for their children, as well as information on baby’s education, baby care, and more.

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