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Knowing The Right Time For Your Baby To Start School

Many parents are always unsure of when their baby should start school. This is a big decision for many but knowing exactly when could be difficult without some directions. Here are some pointers on how you can know the right time for your child to start attending school.

The first factor that you need to determine when your child should start school is age. At birth, kids nap a lot, but when it’s time to start school, you wonder when do kids stop napping. However, at the age of two going to three, they leave the stage of napping to become active. This is the right age for your child to start school.

The next factor is the ability of your child to follow instructions. At the age of 2 to 3 years, a child is expected to know how to clean up, follow simple guidelines, stay with classmates, and other abilities.

Also, your child should be able to say and understand some simple words. Your child is not expected to have perfect speech but should be able to speak in simple sentences. Your child should also be able to describe some experiences as best as they can.

Some kids can’t stay a minute without any of their parents around. They can cry for hours because of this. So if your child can stay with mates when separated from you, then they are ready for school.

Lastly, your child should be able to interact with other children. Observe how your child behaves in the company of children of the same age, siblings, other family members, and other children in public.

When you consider all of these factors, then you should be in a better position to decide when your baby is ready to start school.